10 Tips to Elevate Your Custom Magnetic Boxes from Good to Great


Magnetic boxes have become increasingly popular due to their functionality and versatility. They can be used for various purposes, including storage, organization, and even as promotional products. However, not all magnetic boxes are created equal. Some may have basic features, while others may have advanced features such as hinges, dividers, and extra storage compartments. In this blog post, we will share ten tips to help you elevate your custom magnetic boxes from good to great.

Consider Your Intended Use and Needs

When choosing a magnetic box, it’s essential to consider your intended use and what you want in your product. Determine the features you need, such as dividers or extra storage compartments. Don’t be swayed by the design and price alone.

Look for Quality Management

It’s crucial to consider the quality of the magnetic box you’re buying. Check if the box has a watertight seal or glue along all seams. Poor sealing can reduce the box’s ability to hold up over time.

Check the Type of Magnet Used

The type and quality of the magnet used to hold the lid onto the box are critical factors to consider. Different types of magnets are available, and their power and quality vary between manufacturers.

Consider Box Material

The type and quality of the material used in making the box is also an essential factor to consider. Always ask the manufacturer what material the box is made of and ask for a sample to feel it firsthand.

Engraving vs. Printing

Both engraving and printing are great options for customizing your magnetic box. Engraving is better for small details, while printing is perfect for showcasing the box’s design and look.

Choose the Right Lid Finish

The top of your magnetic box can have a significant impact on how your customers perceive your product. Consider the finish of your lid, such as a metallic or colored finish, to create a luxurious or modern look.

Add Foam Inserts

Foam inserts can help protect and secure the items inside the box. They add a professional touch to your packaging and enhance the unboxing experience for your customers.

Choose Customizable Sizes and Shapes

Customizable sizes and shapes can make your magnetic box stand out. Consider a unique shape or size that fits your product perfectly.

Customize Your Box with Graphics

Custom graphics can make your magnetic box look more professional and appealing to customers. Add your logo or artwork to create a unique look that represents your brand.

Add Extra Features and Value

Consider adding extra features to your magnetic box, such as a ribbon or magnetic closure. These small details can add value to your product and make it more memorable for your customers.


Elevating your magnetic box from good to great requires attention to detail and consideration of your product’s needs. At ThePackStyle Packaging, we offer various options for your custom magnetic box needs. Contact us to get started and take your packaging to the next level.

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